Well-being, safety, and campus events

Programs and services are available for all students

Ensuring thoughtful and respectful community discourse

These are challenging and unsettling times. From the tragic loss of innocent Israeli and Palestinian lives, to incidents of vandalism and hate speech on campus, now more than ever, it is important that we all do our part to ensure that the University of Rochester remains a place where thoughtful and respectful discussions flourish in accordance with our Meliora values.

President Mangelsdorf, Provost Figlio, and John Blackshear, University Vice President for Student Life, are very attuned to what is happening on campus. Together, they are committed to the safety, security, and well-being of all our students. Just as important, they are encouraged by the care and consideration shown in our campus community and remind us that anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, racism, and other forms of hatred based on religion, ethnicity, or individual identity have no place at Rochester.

This page offers important resources for all University of Rochester students. We encourage you to review the programs and services that are available to you during this difficult time.


Student resources

Organizing or engaging in peaceful campus activism

Participating in protests or public observances is one way for students to share their voice and express their feelings. As tensions continue to rise internationally and even right here on campus, it is essential that Rochester be a place where disagreements and differences of opinion continue to be accommodated and met with respectful dialogue and open conversations.

Students wishing to organize a peaceful rally, vigil, protest or other public gathering on campus are expected to learn about support available for these events, and to review the key points of running a safe and productive event.

Keep the lines of communication open

If you are planning an event, contact the Office of the Dean of Students on River Campus for the latest organizational guidance and information about permitted locations, actions and speech.

If your event is not planned for River Campus, the Office of the Dean of Students can provide the name of the individual on a particular campus (Eastman School of Music, School of Medicine & Dentistry) who you need to speak with in advance. Broadly, University leaders are prepared to meet with you to discuss event planning and protocols. University leaders are also available to meet to have mutually respectful conversations about any student concerns.

Contact the Office of the Dean of Students

Designate your event organizers

Members of the University community are permitted to use our campus spaces to peacefully protest or gather, but the University cannot for safety reasons accommodate groups from outside of the institution who want to host similar events.

Therefore, it is required that any planned campus event has at least one identified student who can serve as lead event organizer and be someone that University officials can stay in contact with throughout the event planning and on the day of the gathering. Having a student organizer builds mutual understanding about the parameters of an event and helps prevent any misunderstandings. The identities of event organizers will be confidential. This is only asked so we can work together to create a safe experience.

On the River Campus, the contact person must register the event at least three business days in advance with the Office of the Dean of Students and must be present at the event as a contact responsible for all activities. Student organizers on record will be held responsible for failing to take reasonable steps to prevent participants from violating the Student Code of Conduct or protest policies, while students, staff, and faculty are accountable for their own actions.

Familiarize yourself with the University’s policies around free speech on campus

The University of Rochester stands firmly against anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and other forms of hatred on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity.

We urge all members of the campus community to be mindful and responsible in the exercise of free speech. University of Rochester leaders are particularly concerned about language that calls for or incites violence, or seeks the elimination of any group of people. It has no place on our campus and is unacceptable. Even when such language does not meet the legal threshold for threats or incitement, it causes fear and concern among members of the University community and is incompatible with Rochester’s values.

See the Student Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment.

Prioritize the safety and well-being of yourself and others

If you are experiencing or witnessing bias or harassment—including verbal confrontations or through online postings or through social media— you can complete a Bias-Related Incident Report, or if an emergency, contact the Department of Public Safety immediately.

If joining or observing a protest or similar gathering, stay aware of your surroundings and signs of escalation, and consider participating with a friend or in groups for your safety.

Attend University events and open discussions

The University is continuing to offer programming and events for students and members of the University community who want to engage in current topics in meaningful and constructive ways.

Group counseling drop-ins

The University Counseling Center (UCC) has been holding virtual drop-in sessions focused on the Israel/Gaza conflict, as well as on racism and recent anti-Black vandalism on campus. These group counseling sessions are open to all students and are announced in the daily e-newsletter @Rochester, as well as on the UCC social channels.

Equity and inclusion events

Programming efforts led by the Office of Equity and Inclusion in collaboration with other departments are being developed, and the office is asking students to be involved in the planning. If interested, contact the Office of Equity and Inclusion at (585) 275-2125, or stop by 140 Wallis Hall. Program information will be promoted in @Rochester, student newsletters, and on the University calendar.